“Girls are the best at the humanities, but guys are better at applied sciences, like math or physics”. We’re sure you’ve heard this more than once at school or university. Let’s figure out why this stereotype is so damaging. Researchers of the impact of stereotypes on the individual and society distinguish such a phenomenon as “stereotype threat”.

Let’s explain it using, as an illustration, the stereotype of girls in STEM. Knowing that girls are unsuccessful in applied sciences, girls will accept an attitude that will negatively affect their performance—thinking not to try their best, as it will not lead to a positive outcome. However, we as a community can break down these stereotypes. We can give girls very different perspectives. Girls are not inferior to guys in ambition or intellectual capacity. Let’s support our young researchers. Encourage them to virtuous learning and new discoveries.

Raise new Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Mary Engle Pennington, Lisa Meitner, and many other great researches!